IEM宏发集团感恩有您2020 团圆晚宴

IEM Thanksgiving Reunion Grand Gala 2020


晚宴以新加坡捞鱼生文化开始,接着一连串的歌唱表演,非常荣幸能与斯里兰卡及中国上海的战略伙伴签署合作协议, 然后颁发委任状iEM荣誉顾问和感恩活动。


Singapore 22 Jan 2020 – International Entrepreneurs Matching Platform (IEM celebrated by hosting a thanksgiving and reunion gala in conjunction with Chinese New Year. The event hosted over hundreds of VIP guests including global delegates from India, Sri Lanka, China and Malaysia.

The Gala kick-started off with Singapore Lou Yu Sheng culture, followed by a series of performances, MOU signing ceremony with overseas strategic partners from Sri Lanka and Shanghai,China.

IEM event also holds the world record for the largest lion dance. Special thanks to our Guest of Honour, President of Singapore Kwangtung Hui Kwan, Mr Ho Kwok Choi, SBSTJ, OSTJ,BBM for gracing the event and commencing the eye-dotting ceremony.


President of Singapore Kwangtung Hui Kwan(SKTHK) Mr Ho Kwok Choi BBM commencing the eye-opening ceremony.



MOU Signing Ceremony with Shanghai Advisor: Mr 王蓓华 & iEM Founder : Dato Sri Dr Fams JP

上海荣誉顾问: 王蓓华先生 与 宏发企业平台创始人:拿督斯里太平绅士范力鋮博士 MOU 签约仪式


MOU Signing Ceremony with Sri Lanka Honorary Corporate Partner: Dr Asela Wickramasinghe & iEM Founder : Dato Sri Dr Fams JP

斯里兰卡荣誉顾问: Asela Wickramasinghe 博士 与 宏发企业平台创始人:拿督斯里太平绅士范力鋮博士 MOU 签约仪式

Congratulations and a warm welcome to all the newly appointed IEM honorary advisors!    



Honorary Entertainment Advisor(娱乐荣誉顾问): Dato Sri Zac Goh (top left 左上图), Honorary Corporate Advisor(企业荣誉顾问): Dato Sri Linda Lee (top right 右上图), Honorary Corporate Advisor(企业荣誉顾问) : Dr Irene (bottom Left 左下图), Honorary Corporate Advisor(企业荣誉顾问): Dr Simon Chan (bottom right 右下图)


Honorary Cultural Arts Advisor (艺术与文化荣誉顾问): Coco Zhang (top left 左上图), Honorary Fintech Advisor(金融科技荣誉顾问): Dato Sri Fan Ren Ray JP (top right 右上图), Honorary Art Advisor(艺术荣誉顾问) : 杨昌泰(bottom Left 左下图), Honorary Art Advisor(艺术荣誉顾问): 谢翰林 (bottom right 右下图)


Honorary Arts Advisor (艺术荣誉顾问): David Khor Choon Teik (top left 左上图), Honorary Media Advisor(媒体荣誉顾问): Francis Kok (top right 右上图),  Honorary Media Advisor(媒体荣誉顾问): Angie Wu Li Yan(bottom Left 左下图), Honorary Media Advisor(媒体荣誉顾问): 关雪梅 (bottom right 右下图)

Honorary Food Culture Advisor (美食文化荣誉顾问): Bob(top left 左上图), Honorary Beauty Advisor(美容荣誉顾问): Sandy San (top right 右上图), Honorary Wellness & Corporate(India) Advisor(养身及印度企业荣誉顾问) : Dr Sangeeta Biswas(bottom Left 左下图), Honorary Advisor Taiwan (台湾荣誉顾问): Jenny Cheng(bottom right 右下图)


iEM Brand Ambassador (iEM品牌大使): Grace Ng (top left 左上图), Honorary Advisor Sri Lanka(斯里兰卡荣誉顾问): Dr Asela Wickramasinghe (top right 右上图), Honorary Advisor Shanghai(上海荣誉顾问) : 王蓓华(bottom Left 左下图), Honorary Media Advisor(媒体荣誉顾问): 辛骏 (bottom right 右下图)



Special thanks to sponsors for IEM Thanksgiving & Reunion Gala 2020: SinArt, Lions Club of Singapore Icon3K, Oudao13, Noms13, PuriAgeng blahbatuh, BlackSwan production, Positive3k.

IEM (stands for International Entrepreneurs Platform) founded in year 2014, aspires to provide Optimal Platform, Optimal Resources, Optimal System and Optimal Value with Five Pillars: iConnect, iSystem, iFasttrack, iEducation and iCare.

IEM believes that Wealth is abundance, Together Everyone Achieves More Miracles – Always Focus on Collaboration and Creation vs Competition.

All IEM chapters are developed by strong passionate leaders from different industry to establish a long-term learning, quality referrals and business matching system.

Anyone interested to expand Singapore / Southeast Asia/Sri Lanka regions, welcome to contact us at

IEM 宏发国际企业家平台成立与2014 年, 坚信打造好平台,好资源,好系统,好价值: 拥有五大版块服务企业家 – i链接,i系统,i突破,i教育,i关爱。

IEM相信财富无限,只要能创造价值,可以创造财富!大家一心,共创奇迹。 一定要专注与合作创新创造而不是专注与竞争。

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